TranceChill is a weekly mixed show uplifting trance music in mostly 138bpm and 140bpm. New episode every Monday. Its history dates back to December 7th, 2003.

TranceChill has been through different phases and started off as a regular radio show with requests and a mixture of all electronic music genres. During the over 15 years since the beginning, the show has been on the air on over ten different radio stations. The premiere was on an international radio station called SuprNova.Radio, and then the show was spanning over five hours every Thursday night. It has since then been moved, but ever since the launch on a Norwegian radio station the show got established as a perfect way to start up the weekend with a four hour show every Friday. After 2009, the show got specialized a a trance-only show and reduced to two hours.

International comeback

During 2013 the show got an international comeback with the resident spot on ETN.fm, a Canadian based internet radio station focusing on house music and trance music. After Radio 3 Norway closed its doors at December 31st, 2013, TranceChill has had its first airing on Mondays, and the production of the episodes usually happens on Sundays. The first period of the show on ETN.fm continued with the show style where almost every track was presented. But during 2014 TranceChill shifted to become a more mixed show, and from the start of episode 570 the show became more streamlined with a focus on uplifting trance in 138bpm and 140bpm with limited manipulation options and a unique production style. But starting from episode 800 it’s become a real mixed show mixed live on tape before each new episode.


TranceChill is on the air on three different radio stations and the mix is available on Soundcloud after the first airing.

  • ETN.fm: Monday 22:00 CEST/16:00 ET/13:00 PT
  • NoGrief FM: Tuesday 19:00 CEST/13:00 ET/10:00 PT
  • Beats2Dance – Trance: Friday 22:00 CEST/16:00 ET/13:00 PT

Contact information

There are many ways you can get in contact with me, both on a personal and a professional level.

E-mail: Contact form
Facebook: Facebook.com/TranceChill
Twitter: @trancechill
Ello: @trancechill
House-Mixes.com: http://www.house-mixes.com/profile/fagermo
Mixcloud: http://www.mixcloud.com/skoen/
Skype: skoen.no
Twitter: @fagermo