About being legal

Published by skoen on 17.11.2013

On 17 November Active UK Radio had to shut down their network due to unforseen circumstances. Someone had been a whistle blower and told the authorities that they were not licensed to broadcast music. I will just deny it right now that the whistle blower was not me. I was not even at my computer when the message was told. And I had no intention of letting the authorities figure it if the station was legal or not.

Being legal is an important thing to have under control if you want to go big. I know that there are several small international radio stations out there who are exisiting today because nobody have told the authorities. And I totally understand why. It’s not cheap being legal. You have to pay a fee to be able to broadcast music legally to the area you are covering. Earlier this month Radio 3 Norge released a statement to the press saying that they need to shut down. Because this station has been legal for over five years and has been able to keep afloat due to funding from Frifond. You can read the whole press release and their statement over on their website.

We are not happy to lose Active UK Radio as a syndication partner. And this event should be a reminder for everyone who is biting over more than you can chew.