DST changes airtime for 556

Published by skoen on 23.10.2014

Twice a year the clock is adjusted because of Daylight Savings. And this Sunday DST is ending for a part of the world, while a different part of the world will wait a bit longer before switching back to normal time. That means that next episode will air at a different time for some.

The show is produced in Norway which is one of the countries ending their Daylight Savings this weekend. But ETN.fm’s server is located in Canada, which still observes Daylight Savings for one more week, until 2 November. That means that the next episode, number 556, will still air at 4pm EDT, but the show will air, for Norwegians and EU, at 9pm CET instead of 10pm. Confused? Well, check the airtime for the show where you live at Timeanddate.com