Episode 976

Published by skoen on 09.01.2023

This episode was first broadcasted on 1Mix Radio at January 9th, 2023 at 18:00 CET/12:00 EST.

1. System F – Adagio For Strings (Extended Mix) [Flashover]
2. 2nd Chemistry feat. Jodie Poye – Landslide (W!SS Remix) [Progressive Vibes]
3. State72 – Hand on your heart (Extended Mix) [Last State]
4. Blue Serigala – Come Closer (Extended) [High Voltage]
5. Alison Spong feat. Robin Vane – Runnin’ Free (Harmonic Wave Remix) [Gert]
6. Super Luminal – High Level (Original Mix) [Trance Is The Life]
7. Rino Da Silva & Zoey – Come Back Again (Extended Mix) [Nahawand]
8. Marsel Fuze & Sailing Airwave – Pargelio (Atragun Remix) [Dream Avenue]
9. Fen – Island (Original Mix) [Trance Is The Life]
10. Elissandro – Memories (Original Mix) [Our Shared Emotions]
11. R1TURAJ – You Are All I Need (Original Mix) [Nrgized Audio]
12. David Surok – Forever Alone (Original Mix) [Sub.Mission]
13. Elissandro & Ocoro & Kohta Imafuku – Im Not for You (SounEmot Mashup) [InZearZ]
14. Andy Newtz feat. Olya Gram – Take Me to the Stars (Altek Remix) [Your Melodies]
15. Ivan Androyna – Remember Me (Original Mix) [High Emotions]
16. Kita-Kei – Aquamarine (Extended Mix) [Uplift]
17. Victor Special – Veronica’s Travel (Original Mix) [Endlessky Audio]
18. Ricardo Guerra – Break The Light (Extended Mix) [Sundance]
19. Dimassive – The Impetuous Winds (Extended Mix) [Nahawand]
20. Andres Selada – New Horizon (Original Mix) [Sundance]
21. Main Engine & Maxine – Angels Cry (Extended Mix) [Amsterdam Trance]
22. Zed Waltz – Uplifting Rush (Extended Mix) [FSOE]
23. Athez – Dancing with the Bass (Original Mix) [High Emotions]
24. Hibiwa1i – Temple of Golden Chime (Original Mix) [Sounds Of The Stars]

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