Happy new year!

Published by skoen on 02.01.2014

A brand new year has just started. It is a year for new times and a new era. Since 2008 the Norwegian station Radio 3 Norway has been the primary home for the show. Starting from next week the situation is different.

The primary home for the show is ETN.fm. We are back where the show started, on an international radio station. This change also makes a difference in when a new episode is out. For five years there have been a brand new episode out every Friday, but starting from next week, you will get a brand new episode every Monday night, and it will, until further notice, be available for stream and download just after the episode has been broadcasted. The best way is of course to catch the show live, where you will get, as often as possible, a live tracklist on the Facebook page, and interact with other listeners tuning in to the episode for the first time.

I will just say thanks for the wonderful time at Radio 3 Norge, Active Trance Radio and Global EDM Radio, and good riddance. Hopefully after being an ETN.fm-exclusive show we can expand to make this show even bigger.