New feature in the show

Published by skoen on 01.12.2014

trancechill Some might ask why I’ve picked the name TranceChill for the show. Well, there are two reasons. One being to play trance tracks that will give some of you the chills, while the other reason is that I will also find room for some chillout.

During my first year at I wanted to end the show with a classic track which also resulted in two special episodes focusing on only classic tracks. After a year I feel it’s room for some changes, and starting from episode 561 I will finish off the episode almost the same way as I did when the show was running at Radio 3 Norge, just before the concept called «Graasonen». The conclusion for the upcoming episodes will be almost the same as for Mellommania Deluxe, but I will definitely not pick the same tracks as Pedro Del Mar, no, the tracks will be somewhat «trancy», just more focus on the chill than the trance. Tune in to the episode tonight to find out what I mean and I will of course welcome suggestions for future chillout tracks and maybe we’ll end up making a chillout only episode soon.