Norwegians unite!

Published by skoen on 03.03.2014


This Easter holiday I’m planning something special. In both episodes on the 14th and 21st of April I would like to include only Norwegian producers in something I will call Norwegian awareness special. This means that I would love your help in locating up and coming, and veteran trance producers in Norway in need of a push. This show is broadcasted on for an average of 150 listeners every time it’s on the air. As mentioned in a previous post the show is aired several times over the week, which means that the tracks supported in each episode will reach almost a 1000 listeners only through tuning in to the radio. Episode 524 will include four Norwegian producers, in episodes 530 and 531 I would like to have 100% Norwegian tracks. The way this can happen is simple. Contact me. Use the Message button on the Facebook page, or send me an e-mail. I need to have your tracks and tips before April 10th.

Now. Go forth, and UNITE!