Real airtimes

Published by skoen on 02.02.2014


After analysing the playlist on I can finally reveal the times you can catch the episodes during the week.
The first airing is Monday at 22:00 CET which is announced on our facebook page and on the schedule on’s website. At that time you will also get a live updating tracklist as you would during the live broadcasts in 2013. The evening shows on Monday on that channel is re-aired during the morning hours on Tuesday, meaning that the new episode is on the air again at 12:00 CET. And you will even get a chance to catch the episode on the air on Sunday. This week the episode was aired at 16:25 CET.

To make it as clear as possible. You will get three chances to catch the latest episode on the air: Monday 10pm CET/4pm EST, Tuesday 12pm CET/6am EST and Sunday circa 4pm CET/10am EST. But you will always be able to hear the episode whenever you want by checking out Episodes in the top menu to stream and download the latest episode including a complete tracklist.