Soon 600 episodes

Published by skoen on 23.06.2015

In just over two months it’s time for another big milestone. The show is celebrating 600 episodes, and I want to tell you that we will make some fuzz about it.

Even though we do not have the resources or the money to put up a big festival or to setup shop at a big venue, we can still have a big celebration. The complete details about how long the episode is and who will contribute to the celebration is currently unclear. But what I can tell you is that it will not be an ordinary episode of only two hours. It will consist of at least an hour mix done by me, which you can actually suggest ideas for either by clicking here or write a comment on Facebook or Twitter. And then either three or four people will have guest mixes.

Stay tuned on this page, the upcoming episodes and on our social media to get more information about TranceChill 600.