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Do you Ello?

A brand new social network has launched. It is currently in an invite-only beta stage, but many people are already there. We are there as well, and as with our Facebook page and Twitter profile, you will get a live updating tracklist on Ello as well. You can find us with the nickname @trancechill

Back to normal

Everything went back to normal this week with a regular episode of the show. First half was mostly dedicated to vocal trance while the second half was dedicated to other types of trance, including a tribute to Matt Trigle.

Real airtimes

After analysing the playlist on I can finally reveal the times you can catch the episodes during the week.

Happy new year!

A brand new year has just started. It is a year for new times and a new era. Since 2008 the Norwegian station Radio 3 Norway has been the primary home for the show. Starting from next week the situation is different.

Event is out

For the first time in the show’s history you can join an event to be reminded of an episode of the show, and to stay updated with what’s going on with that particular episode. This Friday it’s time for not only episode 512, but also an anniversary.

New station added!

I am pleased to tell you that the syndication has been increased with a new station. This station is called and is a Canadian based commercial free station of a relatively big size. They have agreed to add us to their schedule every Monday at 10pm CET, that’s 4pm EST.

About being legal

On 17 November Active UK Radio had to shut down their network due to unforseen circumstances. Someone had been a whistle blower and told the authorities that they were not licensed to broadcast music. I will just deny it right now that the whistle blower was not me.

New channel added

It’s a great feeling to see that TranceChill is expanding. Another station has been added to the syndication, and they are ready to send the show already this week.

Station changed

As you may have noticed already the second station in the syndication of the show has already changed. As of 9 November Active Trance Radio is history, and the show is now a part of Active UK Radio – Trance Channel. The show time is still the same. Check the schedule for more information.

New station from next week

TranceChill is currently on the air on Radio 3 Norge and Active Trance Radio. From 11 November there will no longer be Active Trance Radio. Instead this channel will be a part of a different station and a different network.

Comments available

I have now activated a comments feature on this website. By using your Facebook login you are able to add your say to all of the posts including this one.

The opening of a blog

The blog is a nifty feature on this website allowing you to stay updated with trivial events regarding the show. This could talk about the upcoming episode being a pre-recorded one, or a previously broadcasted one. Maybe an announcement about an extra station or some comments about what’s going on in general.