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Regular podcasts

In addition to the main show, there are also produced some podcast editions of the show. They are not aired, but is available for stream and download in the same way as the main show.

Now available on iTunes!

Now you can finally take the show with you on the road at all times. All of the episodes and trance related mixes which is uploaded to Soundcloud, will also be available in iTunes!

Soon 600 episodes

In just over two months it’s time for another big milestone. The show is celebrating 600 episodes, and I want to tell you that we will make some fuzz about it.

New website is coming

As you can see, nothing seems to happen on the front page of this website. That is true, but the show is very much alive and behind the scenes we are working on a way to make the site feel more alive even when there are no news to report. The new version of the website is expected to launch before episode 600 is aired.

You were fooled!

Some of you might have caught it, but the news regarding a big event in Miami was just a good old April Fool’s joke!

Sixth podcast is out!

The sixth podcast in the series gives you another hour of banging trance music. It contains two tracks that are available for free download here on Soundcloud, while there’s also tracks by Ahmed Romel, Paul Di White, Rene Ablaze and Easton. All of these tracks were featured in TranceChill 575.

Fifth podcast is out!

The fifth podcast of the show is now available on Soundcloud. It contains ten tracks from episode 572 which was on the air at 16 February.

Fourth podcast is out!

I’m pleased to tell you that the fourth edition of the podcast episodes are now available for stream and download from Soundcloud. This mix was originally made one month ago and was originally planned to be submitted for a mix show which required exclusive rights until airing, but that didn’t go as planned. Now the episode is finally out!

Daylight savings

It’s that time of year again. USA and Canada adjusted their time to Daylight Savings Time, while Europe doesn’t perform the switch until the end of March. That means that Episode 575, 576 and 577 will air at 9pm CET/4pm EDT.

Third podcast is out!

The third podcast of TranceChill is now out on Soundcloud.. This podcast features nine tracks running at almost 138 bpm for a fast experience. They will definitely make your headset or speakers dance for joy!